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As a trusted ServiceNow Elite Partner, V-Soft Consulting delivers intelligent and automated service delivery experiences across the enterprise. V-Soft serves a diverse clientele, spanning companies of all sizes, all ages, and across industries.

About Us

ServiceNow has become the ultimate choice for end-to-end automation, enhanced digital workflows, streamlined operations, and enhanced visibility, allowing organizations to boost productivity and elevate efficiencies in all aspects of their IT business operations. 

V-Soft’s ServiceNow consultants, with best practices and expertise in implementing ITSM, ITOM, ITAM, CSM, SPM, IRM, SECOPS, and HRSD, help you drive innovation across the IT value chain and maximize the value of your ServiceNow investments.

Our Expertise

Partner Types

Operates in the following capacities.


Markets and resells ServiceNow Products and packaged services

Partner segment: Elite

Service Provider
Service Provider

Delivers as a service and managed services to drive customer success at Scale

Partner segment: Elite

Consulting & implementation
Consulting & implementation

Delivers implementations, consulting Transfomation, deployment, offering Creation, adoption, and ongoing Support

Partner segment: Elite


Builds solutions and apps/integrations Made available on the ServiceNow Store.

Partner segment: Advanced platform

Our Vision in Action

V-Soft offers a unique blend of experience to the ServiceNow space, including advisory and consulting services, superior implementations, affordable licensing, turn-key solutions, and additional advanced technology options such as mobile app development, artificial intelligence, data management and more.

We were approached by a large publicly traded software company who was struggling with their legacy platforms. This client provides a wide array of services including servers, applications, desktop virtualization, networking, Software as a Service (SaaS), and cloud computing technologies. However, this innovative company, faced a challenge that echoes through the hallways of legacy systems.

Legacy systems often serve as both anchors and roadblocks to progress. Our client was no exception, grappling with an assortment of outdated tools on obsolete platforms. Tasks as routine as monitoring server statuses, submitting tickets, and managing changes became burdensome and inefficient.

How We Helped

V-Soft embarked on a mission to liberate this tech titan from the clutches of archaic systems. Our expert team cleared the way for a more advanced, cohesive solution. We orchestrated a symphony of transformation by consolidating all tools within the ServiceNow platform. This strategic shift not only brought mobile enablement into the mix but also streamlined operations onto a single platform, offering seamless automation of workflows.

ServiceNow Advantage

With the implementation of ServiceNow, our client experienced a dramatic transformation. Manual workflows, once time-consuming and error-prone, now unfolded with breathtaking efficiency, resulting in a remarkable 70% boost in overall efficiency. Furthermore, the amalgamation of multiple systems into one powerful digital platform translated to a 50% reduction in costs.

Top ServiceNow Consultants

ServiceNow Consultants discussing on the ServiceNow implementation process

V-Soft’s Key Objectives for Our ServiceNow Clients

  • Promote company-wide integration
  • Automate manual and repetitive tasks
  • Boost efficiency
  • Provide enhanced intelligence
  • Introduce higher operation agility
  • Measure and improve the customer experience in real time
  • Personalize experiences with enhanced data integration
ServiceNow GRC demo by a certified ServiceNow consultant

ServiceNow Offerings

  • Scoped Implementations
  • Technical Advisory Consulting
  • Business Process Advisory Consulting
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • Training
  • Health Assessments
  • Road Mapping
  • Hosting Services
  • Managed Services
  • Staffing
ServiceNow GRC demo by a certified ServiceNow consultant

Our ServiceNow Expertise

Our strategy-building, implementation & integration expertise help clients across industries accelerate automation and build a foundation for long-term growth.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

V-Soft’s certified ServiceNow Consultants provide top-notch IT Service Management implementation services. Harness the power of ServiceNow ITSM to streamline and manage the end-to-end IT service delivery process. By integrating supportive chatbots, portals, and mobile apps, our ServiceNow ITSM solution streamlines your information technology services, from design and development to delivery and support, ensuring superior employee and customer experiences.

  • Incident, Problem, Change & Release Management
  • Request & Knowledge Management
  • Service Level Management
  • CMDB (Configuration Management Database)
  • Virtual Agent Support
  • Analytics
  • DevOps

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IT Asset Management (ITAM)

ServiceNow ITAM solution helps you manage apps, hardware, and IT assets from an integrated platform. Combine all asset data, including inventory, finances, contracts, risk, and compliance all in one place to increase the visibility into the assets’ lifecycle. ITAM implementation provides streamlined asset tracking and management, providing organizations with optimized resource utilization and IT costs while minimizing the risk factor for driving enhanced business value.

  • Hardware Asset Management (HAM)
  • Asset/CI Lifecycle Processes
  • Software Asset Management (SAM)
  • Procurement
  • Contract Management

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Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

ServiceNow SPM module, formerly IT Business Management (ITBM), accelerates digital transformation, enabling streamlined end-to-end business operations and workflows. Powered by analytics and automation capabilities, ServiceNow SPM implementation accelerates efficient digital workflows, ensures automation & transparency, improves resource utilization, and empowers decision-makers with informed insights into strategic business investments that they need to evaluate for maximizing ROI.

  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Financial Modeling
  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • Ideation
    • Demand Management
    • Resource Management
    • Project Portfolio
    • Project Financials
  • Agile Delivery Execution
    • Agile Development
    • Test Management

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IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Combining our expertise in ServiceNow and Cloud, V-Soft’s certified ServiceNow experts provide IT Operations Management (ITOM) services. Our ServiceNow ITOM consulting services help you manage end-to-end IT services and the entire infrastructure seamlessly, ensuring optimized infrastructure spending, accelerated cloud strategy, reduced costs, and improved service quality. Driven by AIOps, automation tools, and interactive dashboards, organizations can monitor the health of IT infrastructure and predict issues to avoid service outages.

  • ITOM Visibility
    • Discovery
    • Service Mapping
    • CMDB
  • ITOM Health
    • Event Management
    • Op Intelligence
  • ITOM Optimization
    • Cloud Provisioning & Governance
    • Discovery, Cloud Discovery
    • Operations Intelligence, Cloud Discovery

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Customer Service Management (CSM)

V-Soft’s certified ServiceNow experts help you transform the way you respond to customer service requests through intelligent ServiceNow CSM. Our ServiceNow CSM implementation services help organizations deliver superior services to customers at all interaction points. Moreover, leading-edge AI and ML capabilities in ServiceNow customer service management ensure quick incident discovery, better management, and resolution, resulting in reduced ticket requests and resolution time.

  • Workforce Optimization
  • Process Optimization
  • Proactive Customer Service Operations
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Field Service Management
  • Service Portal, Service Catalog, Fulfillment
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Application 360 Management
  • Facilities

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Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

V-Soft’s ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance consulting services help organizations streamline, monitor, and manage their governance, risk, and compliance processes. Successful implementation of ServiceNow’s GRC module provides a single point of reference for all your governance, risk, and compliance needs, addressing the organization’s risks and ensuring everything is meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Risk Management
  • Policy & Compliance Management
  • Vendor Risk Management

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Serving Key Industries

At V-Soft, we cater to a diverse range of industries, delivering innovative solutions for their specific needs:



Enhance customer and employee experiences, accelerate time-to-market, and boost revenue.



Improve visibility, maintain security, and enhance operational

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Drive digital transformation, reduce risks, and optimize productivity.

Public Sector

Public Sector

Enable fast execution of digital services and applications for constituents.



Provide enhanced customer information and automated service solutions.



Digitize and streamline processes, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk.

Client Success Stories