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ServiceNow Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Enable in depth business impact analysis to appropriately prioritize and respond to risks.

Why ServiceNow GRC?

Integrated GRC monitors strategic, operational, technology, cyber, compliance, and data security risks automatically and assists organizations in making faster decisions to achieve excellence.

Why V-Soft?

V-Soft’s expertise helps organizations streamline and monitor governance, risk, and compliance processes and optimize visibility across business, IT, and security with GRC integration.

ServiceNow Governance, Risk, And Compliance (GRC)

Bridge the gap between security and IT by integrating a risk program that provides ongoing monitoring, prioritization, and automated Governance, Risk, and Compliance applications in real-time.

ServiceNow GRC Consulting Services

Automatically Monitor and Manage Policy Lifecycles for Compliance

ServiceNow’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solution streamlines and integrates inefficient processes throughout your extended enterprise into a unified risk program. By providing continuous monitoring and automation, the GRC applications offer real-time insights into compliance and risk, ultimately enhancing decision-making and boosting performance across your organization and with your vendors.

ServiceNow GRC Use Cases

  • Keep a vigilant eye on critical vulnerabilities and assess their business implications.
  • Detect and rectify misconfigurations proactively to prevent potential business risks.
  • Ensure your compliance program aligns effectively with your business services.
  • Monitor HR policy requirements and identify potential onboarding risks.
ServiceNow GRC Module Implementation

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