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ServiceNow ITSM

Harness the power of ServiceNow ITSM to optimize IT workflows, reduce downtimes, and increase ROI.

Streamlined IT Processes

From conceptualization and design to delivery and support, streamline your IT workflows, reduce costs, and boost productivity with ITSM implementation.

Delivering Resilience

Upholding the best-proven practices of ServiceNow, V-Soft’s expertise ensures unified ITSM implementation and value realization.

Feedback quote

My sincerest thanks to the V-Soft team for their collaboration and support – it has been a great partnership. We accomplished the ServiceNow production deployment on-time and under budget.

-User Services Manager, Public Research University

ServiceNow IT Service Management Expertise

Use the power of the Now Platform’s automated workflows, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and robust analytics dashboards to streamline your IT service management.

Incident Management

Improve employee productivity with intuitive self-service options, reduce call volumes with chatbots, and expedite resolutions using machine learning-driven incident assignments.

Elevate Change Management with ServiceNow

Accelerate change approval and automation with dynamic policies. ServiceNow adapts to your development teams’ needs, aligning with their practices, tools, and maturity.

Empower Knowledge Management with ServiceNow

Boost user satisfaction through proven self-service solutions. Encourage knowledge sharing to enable agents to create context-rich articles and tap into community solutions.

Enhance Problem Management with ServiceNow

Reduce service disruptions with proactive analysis using dashboards. Speed up root cause resolution, prevent recurring incidents, and integrate problem-solving seamlessly with other ITSM processes.

ServiceNow ITSM Services



  • V-Soft’s own ServiceNow domain
  • Immediate onboarding
  • Leveraging of existing processes
  • 24×7 support
  • Reduced licensing costs
Top ServiceNow Consultancy


  • Strategy/evaluation workshops
  • SaaS migration consulting
  • License optimization
  • Process mining and transformation
  • Digital maturity analysis
  • Digital roadmap
ServiceNow IT service management implementation services


  • End-to-end implementations
  • Upgrades utilizing ServiceNow ATF
  • Code and configuration reviews
  • End-to-end testing
  • Performance fine tuning
  • Training and enablement services
  • Domain-specific offerings
Managed Services

Managed Services

  • Production administration
  • Continuous improvements
  • Platform governance
  • Ongoing enhancements

Incident Management

IT Incidents can disrupt your operations, lead to downtime, and contribute to the loss of data and productivity. It’s crucial for organizations to take incident management seriously, as there are multiple benefits to a successful incident management process, including:

  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Visibility and transparency
  • Higher level of service quality
  • Insight into service quality
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Incident prevention
  • Improved mean time to resolution (MTTR)
  • Eliminated downtime
  • Improved experience

ServiceNow Change Management

Change management offers numerous advantages to organizations and end-users, including:

Benefits to the Organization

  • Decreased change collisions
  • Improved change rollout without disruptions
  • Reduced failed changes
  • More accurate change classifications
  • Streamlined organization-wide change processes
  • Enhanced change automation
  • Alignment with ITIL 4 for business outcomes

Benefits to End Users

  • Transparency in scheduled changes
  • Reduced downtime through improved communication
  • Minimized disruptions from unauthorized or poorly planned changes

IT Knowledge Management

A unified IT system stores and shares an organization’s collective knowledge, boosting efficiency and decision-making.

Innovation: Knowledge Management encourages innovation by providing access to shared ideas and up-to-date information, inspiring creative problem-solving.

Stay Competitive: Businesses remain competitive by sharing knowledge, becoming more agile, and addressing issues faster, enhancing their ability to innovate and stay ahead.

ServiceNow Problem Management

ServiceNow Problem Management offers numerous advantages through structured processes:

  • Continuous service improvement
  • Cost-saving through incident prevention
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Faster issue resolution
  • Root cause discovery
  • Higher satisfaction for customers and employees
  • Reduced service disruptions
  • Accelerated root cause resolution

Service Portal and Request Management

ITIL categorizes user requests as service requests, often recurring. Efficient IT teams follow a structured process:

Submission: Employees request services via portals, email, or mobile apps.

Assessment: Teams evaluate urgency, tools needed, and approvals required.

Fulfillment: The request is handled using the information gathered in the assessment.

Completion: After successful fulfillment, the ticket is closed and archived.

Follow-up: Seek feedback to confirm resolution and enhance employee experience.

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