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ServiceNow SPM

Align strategy to work better. Plan, deliver, and track value across different methodologies. Empower teams to drive business outcomes.

ServiceNow SPM

Empowers businesses to quickly define strategic objectives and optimize resource allocation, aligning strategy development and project execution to realize the anticipated ROI.

Why V-Soft?

From consulting and strategy building to ServiceNow SPM integration, V-Soft helps you leverage the technology and gain a significant competitive edge in this digital landscape.

Drive Technology Strategy with ServiceNow

ServiceNow SPM (Strategic Portfolio Management) enables IT leaders to drive their company’s technology strategy to plan, organize, develop, analyze, and rationalize all IT resources.

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Streamline Portfolio Management with ServiceNow:

  • Anticipate needs, allocate resources, and assess portfolio value
  • Prioritize new requests for efficient product delivery
  • Manage strategic and operational work in a unified platform
  • Align work for optimal business outcomes and agile responses to change
  • Drive enhanced customer value through digital transformation
  • Plan, deliver, and track value across various methodologies

ServiceNow SPM Product Expertise

Strategize, align, and deliver business outcomes from a single platform.

Performance Analytics:

Review IT spend, project portfolios, and application costs effortlessly with an integrated, interactive tool. Gain real-time insights for informed business value decisions.

Dashboard widgets are used to visualize data over time, analyze your business processes, and identify areas of improvement.

  • KPIs and dashboards
  • Real-time visibility
  • Spotlights
  • KPI signals
  • Anticipate trends
  • Prioritize resources
  • Maximize automation
  • Drive ongoing service improvement

Demand Management

Centralize strategic requests and streamline investment decisions for new products and services. Simplify ideation to support business growth and initiatives.

  • Demand workbench
  • Manager dashboard
  • Configurable charts
  • Detailed demand view
  • Strategic investments
  • Resource prioritization
  • Enhanced demand process
  • Increased insights and understanding

Resource Management

Optimize resource allocation by combining management and forecasting into one tool. Easily assess staff availability for strategic and operational work.

  • Resource allocation workbench
  • Resource planning
  • Timesheet portal
  • Real-time resource availability
  • Resource optimization
  • Seamless resource matching

Innovation Management

Centralize company-wide suggestions, creating a continuous pipeline for vetted ideas to fuel creative development.

The idea portal accelerates and organizes idea gathering, evaluation, selection, and execution.

  • Voting
  • Collaboration
  • Task creation
  • Deduplication
  • Streamline idea capture
  • Accelerate decision-making
  • Keep stakeholders informed

Project Portfolio Management:

Integrate with various work delivery solutions, including agile, traditional, or hybrid, for real-time performance updates. Streamline work prioritization, scheduling, and delivery while adapting to evolving strategies and needs.

  • Goal Framework for goal setting and progress evaluation
  • Resource Management for effective resource allocation
  • Task distribution with insights into existing workloads
  • Centralized demand view
  • Strategic alignment of work
  • Resource optimization for increased agility
  • Enhanced visibility into status and performance
  • Comprehensive support for traditional and agile methods

Scenario Planning

Analyze project and demand backlog using Portfolio Workbench. Simulate scenarios based on cost, resources, and strategic alignment to align with organizational objectives. Track progress and adjust portfolios as needed.

  • Scenario simulation
  • Scenario filtering
  • Scenario comparison
  • Confirm best scenario
  • Investment mix understanding
  • Enhanced enterprise agility
  • Business strategy alignment
  • Sponsor engagement

Roadmap Planning:

Plan, align, and communicate work plans and initiatives with Alignment Planner Workspace to assess investment decisions’ impact. Visualize cross-functional plans and track progress effectively. Roadmap Planning masters top-down planning to align investments and teams for hybrid project delivery.

  • Hybrid roadmaps
  • Goals framework
  • Efficient planning
  • Progress tracking
  • Strategic alignment of work
  • Clear plans for agile and traditional teams
  • Deliver positive outcomes
  • Informed decision-making

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe):

Apply lean and agile project management principles for faster, defect-free software product development. Choose from two SAFe configurations: Essential SAFe and Portfolio SAFe.

  • Portfolio planning
  • Weighted shortest job
  • Big room planning
  • Unified backlog
  • Agile response to changing circumstances
  • Connect funding with delivery
  • Customer-centric responsiveness
  • Time-saving efficiencies

Agile Development

Embrace agile software development and the scrum framework for project-based efforts. Choose a pure agile approach or a hybrid method within traditional projects.

  • Scrum program boards
  • Agile dashboards
  • Unified backlog
  • Sprint tracking
  • Align strategy with execution
  • Manage agile portfolios effectively
  • Optimize work for faster delivery

Application Portfolio Management

Gain a holistic view of your organization’s apps to reduce redundancies and cut costs. Application Portfolio Management aids in strategic decision-making on whether to invest, sustain, or replace apps to align with business objectives.

  • APM portal
  • Application portfolio
  • Capability mapping
  • Technology portfolio management
  • Risk reduction
  • Cost savings
  • Strategic thinking
  • Future planning

Digital Portfolio Management

Digital Portfolio Management offers a unified interface for product owners to oversee offerings throughout their lifecycle, providing a comprehensive perspective on services, products, and apps.

  • Enterprise portfolios
  • Personal portfolios
  • Services and apps
  • Lifecycle management
  • Improve service performance
  • Enhance risk and compliance management
  • Gain a holistic view
  • Collaborate on achieving shared outcomes

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