Is it Time for Your Supplier to Become a Partner in Disruption?

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It began as a simple discussion at an executive business function. I met the CEO of a fast growing national B2B service firm, we chatted about our companies, and that led to V-Soft being considered a supplier for their software development needs. What neither of us knew at that moment, is that together we’re going to disrupt this client’s industry and propel them forward in ways they never thought.

We Just Need Software Development

The CEO told me they were not 100% pleased with their current vendor. They had high labor costs, low satisfaction in quality, and lax timelines. Having heard this all before, I did not go into depth on V-Soft’s innovative approach to technology services, but simply listened and learned. The CEO went on:

We don’t need anything fancy, just a technically capable software development team and project management from a trusted, reliable company.”

I learned more about their business and already knew we could provide quality development for them. Even better, I knew we could help them innovate their business. I looked forward to our Business Solutions team meeting with their company and learning about their operations.

Technology Disruptors Do Not Always Require New Technology

I try to not let any of our team members or our clients get caught up in the latest shiny technology. Sure, amazing technology like augmented reality (AR) can change the landscape, but it is not always the right conclusion. If an industry that is behind the tech curve can be disrupted, it can be through technology that has been with us for years including:

While its true applying existing technology in a new way might be disruptive, applying new technology in an unconventional way can move beyond disruption and revolutionize an industry.

I Thought V-Soft was Just a Supplier

That’s what the CEO said when he called me after meeting with our solutions team. He was excited about our proposed solution to their software development needs, but more importantly, adding the capability of ServiceNow and finally, introducing the concept of augmented reality for his field service teams (who number in the thousands).

I think you have just helped my business get on the path of disrupting our industry and making my company a transformative leader. Thank you.”

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality

Most everyone gets what virtual reality is today. It is taking an individual or setting and replacing it with a virtual world. VR is a total move from your current place to another world, which can be a meeting around the world, a surgeon working a country away, or as simple as a gaming enthusiast entering the world of Oculus, an industry leading virtual reality company.

Leveraging the concept of virtual reality, augmented reality has the potential to transform industry like never before, making it a true disruptive technology. Augmented reality is a technology that layers computer-generated enhancements atop an existing reality in order to make it more meaningful through the ability to interact with it. (Definition thanks to the smart folks at hereHere’s a few examples of augmented reality currently in production:

Ikea’s Mobile App that gives you a virtual preview of your room with their furniture

augmented reality app

BMW’s AR driving glasses

technology disruption for business

Challenge Your Current Suppliers to Disrupt Your Company

As a business owner you’re quite busy running your organization and leading it strategically. While I’m sure you find ways to innovate beyond your competition, often your source of information is industry based.

This often translates to only doing what is already being done. Your new goal must be to be completely different than anything else being done. As you meet with suppliers and potential partners, challenge them to uncover what might transform your company. Ask them to share what other innovative companies are doing and how you might be able to apply those same approaches to your industry.

Whatever your approach, search beyond your normal bounds to disrupt your industry which will in turn transform your company. Best of all, this disruption will make the world we live in a better place.

About the Author – Purna Veer

Purna Veer is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and technology thought leader. As the founder and President of V-Soft Consulting, Purna has led the company from its humble beginnings to over 700 global employees and is recognized as a leader in the field of IT services. Learn more in his President’s Corner here or connect with Purna on LinkedIn.

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